Toshiba Laptop NVIDIA Graphics Card Repair

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Toshiba NVIDIA Graphics Card Repair 

Toshiba NVIDIA Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) Repair 

If your Toshiba is suffering from any kind of graphics problem including distorted or flickering video and images then the last thing you need to do is panic. It may be experiencing a NVIDIA graphics chip fault or failure, but luckily the team at Creative IT is able to resolve any type of NVIDIA GPU issue. It is always best to consult an expert in order to correct the disturbance and prevent further damage to the machine. Take advantage of the comprehensive diagnosis and repair service provided by Creative IT today!

Toshiba NVIDIA Graphics Card Repair

We offer repair services for all Toshiba NVIDIA graphics chip reflow and rework requirements. We are able to swiftly solve the problem and enhance the performance of all models, including:

  • Toshiba Satellite
  • Toshiba Satellite Pro
  • Toshiba Portege
  • Toshiba Qosmio

Toshiba and many other computer brands use NVIDIA GPU technology and have previously suffered from faulty chipsets. This is usually due to the fragile die/packaging material set, which is upset by the everyday temperature fluctuations within the computer. Unfortunately, it normally cannot be avoided. When the graphics processors overheat, the solder in the chip will stop making the proper contact with the motherboard and your Toshiba may start to display symptoms such as:

  • Multiple or duplicate images
  • Random or unusual characters on the screen
  • Horizontal, vertical or jagged lines appear on the screen
  • Video freezes
  • Distorted or scrambled video
  • Flickering action
  • Random rebooting or shut down
  • Blank video or screen

Same Day London Toshiba NVIDIA Graphics Card Repair

Creative IT is here to help, no matter the extent of the damage caused. With a team of skilled technicians and hardware engineers who have years of hands-on experience under their belt, they strive to offer a friendly customer service at all times. The team assures all customers of correct quoting and overall, a straight-forward and painless process. With up-to-date BGA rework tools and facilities ad well as our industry-leading premises, Creative IT are able to carry out all kinds of repairs on all Toshiba models in away that is timely, cost-effective and secure. You can rest assured that your machine is in good hands.

Creative IT provides several options in order to accommodate every customer’s repair needs, whether individual home users, small or large businesses or government or educational institutions. We offer a handy walk-in service from our repair centre, coupled with the convenience of a while-you-wait or same-day basis repair. Otherwise those who are unable to go into the centre themselves are not at a disadvantage! They have the choice to send the computer through organised collection points or dependable courier services. Creative IT makes the promise that regardless of each customer’s location, we will have the Toshiba repaired and returned as quickly as we can.

Do you require a NVIDIA GPU rework or any other kind of Toshiba repair? Then contact the support team at Creative IT for a guaranteed service! You can telephone on 020 7237 6805, email at or drop into our repair centre at 80 Willow Walk, The Willows, Unit 1, London SE1 5SY.